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    Retaining Walls St. Louis MO - Residential Retaining Wall Contractors

    A lot of different elements can contribute to enhancing your outdoor space. After all, there are various features to a landscape that contribute to it as a whole, like hardscapes.

    Segmental retaining walls are among the hardscapes that can help enhance your outdoor space. If a part of your landscape needs to be stabilized, then segmented retaining walls are the answer. But you’ll need the retaining wall services of a top contractor for that.

    As a homeowner in St. Louis, MO, you can rely on one name for your paver patio and walkway needs – GreenScapeSTL. We are a full-service landscape contractor in St. Louis, MO, and the surrounding areas.Property owners in St. Louis, Missouri, will look at the top retaining wall contractors in St. Louis. They’ll be happy to learn that GreenScape St. Louis is the contractor they’re looking for.

    As the best landscape contractor in St Louis, GreenScapeSTL Landscaping and Outdoor Living offers full-service landscaping services. Our comprehensive array of services includes paver patios and walkways, deck installation, fence installation, and segmented retaining walls. Whatever landscape needs you might have, we are here to provide them.

    Expert Retaining Wall Contractors: Enhancing Landscapes in St. Louis, MO

    It’s one thing to realize your dream space and another to maintain it. Sure, you might have achieved it, and that’s fine, but what comes after is the hard part. That’s where segmental retaining walls come into the picture.

    Segmental retaining walls have different uses, but in landscaping, they are for erosion control or maintaining a slope. That’s a critical use in landscapes, but the key is to engage the services of expert retaining wall contractors in St. Louis to install them.

    With our expertise as the leading landscape contractor in St, Louis, GreenscapSTL can provide excellent segmental retaining wall services. If you hire us, we can guarantee that the retaining walls will do more than just add to the aesthetic value of your outdoor living space. As a hardscape component, it will also preserve and protect your landscape.

    Our expert team will provide you with high-quality retaining walls in St. Louis, resulting in a landscape that lasts.

    Natural Stone Retaining wall St. Louis

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    Professional Retaining Wall Services: St. Louis MO Experts at Your Service

    One thing is clear about segmental retaining walls, you'd want professionals to install them for you.
    The last thing you'd want is to have a subpar job done by contractors who are not that competent. It can lead to problems in your landscape, such as damaged landscape elements or more.
    At GreenScapeSTL, we are also considered among the leading retaining wall contractors in St. Louis, MO.
    Our team is composed of professionals who are experts in every aspect of landscaping, including segmental retaining walls. Every team member has many years of experience and has dealt with numerous issues related to retaining walls.
    Aside from our considerable experience, our team also possesses the needed skills and knowledge to provide the kind of retaining walls that would last.
    Our combination of experience and ability allows us to guarantee the best retaining walls in St. Louis for our customers. We are true professionals who are at your service to deliver what you envision for your property.

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    GreenScapeSTL is the leading St. Louis patio builder, and we would like to help you create a special space at home.

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    As the leading landscaping company in St. Louis, MO we are here to help you realize your vision for your outdoor space. GreenScapeSTL is known as an expert when it comes to landscapes, decks, patios, and more.

    The solutions we provide are among the very best in the industry. We are committed to unmatched quality service and customer satisfaction. Wherever you are, expect us to exceed your expectations.

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    Residential Retaining Wall Contractors: Beautifying Properties in St. Louis, MO

    Segmental retaining walls might not be the centerpiece of your landscape, but it sure contributes to it. It is more a functional element of the landscape than an aesthetic one, although it can also help in that regard. So it is an essential part of your landscape in more ways than one.

    At GreenScapeSTL, we offer segmental retaining wall services that are among the best, not just in St. Louis, MO, but also in the surrounding areas. Be sure to contact us if you need quality retaining services. We’ll work with you to help you build a landscape that lasts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The different materials used for retaining walls in St. Louis include concrete, natural stone, blocks, bricks, or timber. These are the most common materials used, and what the customer chooses depends on several factors, like personal preference and budget.

    The length of time it takes to complete a retaining wall project in St. Louis varies depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the design and the size of the wall. Smaller retaining could be completed in a matter of days, while more complex or larger ones can take weeks to finish.

    The factors that influence the cost of a retaining wall in St. Louis are the following:

    • Size
    • Building material
    • Wall type
    • Placement
    • Land prep
    • Reinforcements
    • Drainage

    The answer is it depends. It's because your retaining wall will require a permit in St. Louis if the following conditions are present:

    • The height of the retaining wall will exceed 3 feet.
    • The wall will exceed 2 feet in height and support a surcharge load (driveway, pool, or any similar structure).