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Crafting Dreamy Backyard Escapes: GreenScapeSTL, Your Brentwood Patio Experts!

Patio Deck Builders Brentwood, Missouri

Brentwood, Missouri, known as the “City of Warmth”, has a nice atmosphere, and small-town appeal. It makes the city one of the best places to live in St. Louis County, with a blend of excellent residential neighborhoods and a thriving business district. Plus, it is just a few minutes away from downtown St. Louis.

The inner-ring suburb is only two square miles but offers tremendous housing and pretty neighborhoods. Landscapes definitely have a place in all that. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. But if you are new to the city, you might wonder if there are quality patio deck builders in Brentwood, Missouri.

Being based in St. Louis and nearby areas like Brentwood, we at GreenScapeSTL Landscaping and Outdoor Living are a full-service landscaping company. We offer comprehensive landscaping services, including patio and deck installation services. If you want a quality patio installation, we are the one to call for reliable results.

Customized Patio Designs for Brentwood Residences

You visualize what you want to happen to your space before it even becomes real. That’s your way of ensuring it will be realized and you’ll get your ideal outdoor space. You want the best patios to be part of it, serving as focal points for different areas of your property. Quality patios can also help set clear boundaries in a visual sense.

However, you’ll require the services of the best landscape contractor in Brentwood, Missouri. Fortunately, the city has that in us at GreenScapeSTL. If you have something in your mind that you want to realize, we can take care of it for you. You will get the customized patio design that you want – and deserve.

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    Designing Practical Yet Stylish Outdoor Areas in Brentwood, MO

    Patios need to look great and be distinctive. That’s the way for them to serve their purpose of being boundaries. At the same time, it would help if they were aesthetically pleasing to everyone, particularly to those who would use the spaces.

    The practical side of patios shouldn’t be left out, though. They do serve practical purposes and are not just there to look pretty. The patios work as points where people can converge and do various activities. Families and guests can have a relaxing time using those spaces.

    At GreenScapeSTL, we have the ability to design practical yet stylish outdoor areas in Brentwood, MO. If you want to achieve a certain kind of look, we can help you with that while also ensuring their practicality remains intact.

    Our Services

    The services we offer are the most comprehensive in St. Louis, MO, and nearby areas such as Brentwood. Backed by our experience as a full-service landscaping contractor, we deliver landscaping solutions that are proven and highly effective.

    We offer top-notch patio installation service. Patios play a major role in outdoor living spaces, and we understand that. With our expertise, we guide our customers and ensure that their patios are where they need to be. We also provide input on the aesthetic aspect of the patios so they blend with the rest of the space.

    Customers can expect the best results from our experienced team. Regardless of their high expectations, we’ll be able to meet them. In fact, most of the time, we’ll be able to exceed them. That’s how sure we are of being able to do a great job in every project.

    Our other services are:


    The quality of each of our services is guaranteed. So, if you want excellence and satisfaction with your landscape project, call us today!

    Our Locations

    Being the leading patio builder in St. Louis, MO, we understand what it takes to fully realize the vision that you have for your home. We know how transforming your outdoor living space can level up your property in different ways.

    Beyond aesthetics, it will help raise the overall value of your home. Our team at GreenScapeSTL has been doing that for many years and counting. We intend to continue doing that for homeowners in St. Louis and beyond.

    These are the service locations that we currently serve at GreenScapeSTL:

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    About Us

    Starting as a small lawn service company, GreenScapeSTL Landscaping and Outdoor Living has grown significantly since then. Our hard work and dedication paid off, and we managed to become a leader in the landscaping industry in St. Louis, Missouri.

    In the process, we expanded our service locations. From the city of St. Louis, we now also serve St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and Jefferson County. 

    The same thing happened with the services we offer. Our current line-up of landscaping services includes patio installation, fence installation, segmental retaining walls, and deck installation.

    As for our experience, our team has more than 100 years of total years in the industry between them. The knowledge and skills we accumulated over that time span allowed us to create satisfying landscape installations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our considerable experience and high level of expertise set us apart from other patio installers in Brentwood, MO.

    The time that it would take to complete a patio installation project varies. Basic patios take one week, average ones take four weeks, and complex patios take at least six weeks.

    Yes, we offer design consultation for patio installation projects. It is a part of our process, where we talk to our customers in Brentwood, MO, so we understand what they want. We'll build their dream outdoor space from there.

    Our patio installation projects need little maintenance. We guarantee that by using only the best available materials that are capable of withstanding even the worst weather conditions. Each installation has excellent durability and is built against wear and tear.

    Masterful Patio Construction: Revitalizing Brentwood Backyards

    Masterful patio construction is one of our trademarks at GreenScapeSTL. Through our combination of skills, insight, and knowledge, we create excellent constructions. It has resulted in satisfied customers in Brentwood, Missouri. We built our reputation and have become the leading patio contractor in the community.

    Dreaming of having a masterful outdoor living space right on your property? All you have to do is contact Brentwood’s best – GreenScapeSTL!