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Revitalizing Chesterfield Backyards Into Outdoor Works of Art

Local Patio Builders in Chesterfield, Missouri

A suburb in St, Louis County, that has much to offer. That is Chesterfield, MO. It might be more of a residential area, but it is not short of great attractions. The city has awesome entertainment venues, world-class shopping, and beautiful public parks.

Such a city has a definite need for quality landscapes. The homeowners are looking to add landscape components to their property. Patios and walkways are among those components because of their versatility and practicality. However, you might wonder how to find the best local patio builders in Chesterfield, MO.

So it’s nice to know that our company, GreenScapeSTL Landscaping and Outdoor Living, is the number one landscape contractor in Chesterfield, MO. Our landscaping solutions are comprehensive, including patio installation. As the top local patio builder, we make sure that you can enjoy your outdoor living space as much as possible.

As a team, we’ll help our customers achieve their dream space with quality, efficiency, and affordability.

Tailored Patio Design Solutions for Chesterfield Homes

One aspect of being a homeowner is having a say in how your property is designed and built. It gives a more personal feel to your space and makes it much more comfortable and livable for you and your family. As much as possible, having it customized is the best option for a homeowner.

At GreenScapeSTL, we know what homeowners want, which is why we provide customized designs. Being the leading patio installer in Chesterfield, Missouri, we provide tailored patio design solutions. We will create designs based on what our customers want while also providing them with guidance.

Our expert team can advise them on the best types of materials and designs. They should be able to complement the rest of the outdoor space. We can also guide them on the best locations and placement of the patios and walkways. The results are tailored to fit the customer and the available space.

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    Crafting Stylish and Functional Outdoor Spaces in Chesterfield

    Tailored patio designs are awesome and would surely make customers happy. However, that’s not enough. The installations still need to be stylish as well as functional. By having those qualities, the patio and walkway installations will be able to fulfill their potential.

    Having been in the industry for years, we know that patio designs need to be stylish. They should be eye-catching and stand out from the rest of a home’s outdoor space. Stylish, yet not too over the top, is the look every homeowner should go for with their patios.

    Patios and walkways also need to be practical. We can do that by placing them in areas where they can maximize their function. They should be easy to access and able to provide a clear distinction between different areas on the property.

    Our Services

    Our services at GreenScapeSTL are comprehensive, high-quality, and affordable. We serve the residents of St. Louis, MO, as well as nearby areas such as Chesterfield. As a full-service landscaping company, we provide every landscaping need of our customers. We have a team that is skilled and highly experienced. Those attributes give us a definitive advantage over our competitors.

    Patio and walkway installation is the main service we offer. The ideal outdoor space needs patios and walkways that help raise its aesthetic value and also its functionality. Count on our team of specialists to provide satisfying results. We have completed numerous projects that have gone beyond customer expectations.

    Our guarantee of excellence goes for all our services, not just patio installation. Please call us today for the landscape service you deserve.

    Our Locations

    Being the leading patio builder in St. Louis, MO, we understand what it takes to fully realize the vision that you have for your home. We know how transforming your outdoor living space can level up your property in different ways.

    Beyond aesthetics, it will help raise the overall value of your home. Our team at GreenScapeSTL has been doing that for many years and counting. We intend to continue doing that for homeowners in St. Louis and beyond.

    These are the service locations that we currently serve at GreenScapeSTL:

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    About Us

    GreenScapeSTL Landscaping and Outdoor Living started as a small lawn service company and we worked our way up to become a full-service landscaping contractor. Our team’s hard work and dedication allowed us to grow and become a leader in the landscape industry in St. Louis, MO, and the surrounding areas.

    The comprehensive range of services we offer includes patio and walkway installation, fence installation, segmental retaining walls, and deck installation.

    Our service locations also increased. From the city of St. Louis, we added St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and Jefferson County. We continue to work to grow and provide our excellent services to as many customers as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The significant experience and our high level of expertise set us apart from other [atio builders in Chesterfield, MO.

    The time it takes to complete a patio installation project varies. Basic patios take one week, average ones take four weeks, and complicated patios take at least six weeks.

    Yes, we offer design consultation for patio installation projects. It is a part of our process, where we talk to our customers in Chesterfield so we understand what they want. We'll build their dream space from there.

    Our patio installation projects require little maintenance. We ensure that by using only the best available materials that are capable of withstanding the worst weather conditions. Each project has excellent durability and is built against wear and tear.

    Expert Patio Construction: Transforming Chesterfield Backyards

    Expert patio construction is one of the things we are known for at GreenScapeSTL. Our team has mastered every step of the process – from planning and designing to the installation of the patios.

    Planning to revitalize your backyard and make it a work of art? Then call Chesterfield’s local patio experts to do the best possible job for you!