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Reshaping Cottleville Backyards Into Outdoor Wonders

Local Patio Builders in Cottleville, Missouri

Cottleville is a dynamic and growing suburb in St. Charles County, Missouri. The city also happens to be one of the safest places to live in the county and the entire state. So if you want to move or raise a family there, it would be the perfect choice.

As one of the ideal places to live in St. Charles County, Cottleville can use beautiful landscapes. A prominent element of such landscapes are patios and walkways. They contribute a lot to making outdoor spaces beautiful and functional. Homeowners in the city would like to hire the top local patio builders in Cottleville, Missouri.

A full-service landscaping company, GreenScapeSTL Landscaping and Outdoor Living serves St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas. Our company is one of the best patio installers in the area, including Cottleville. If you live and think you need the services of the best patio builders near me in Cottleville, MO, give us a call, and our team will be there to help.

Tailored Patio Design Solutions for Cottleville Homes

Dreaming about your ideal outdoor living space? It’s something you’ve always wanted as a kind of extension of your home. The space will serve as an area where you can rest and relax with your family or use it for entertaining guests. Patios will figure prominently in the space, so you’ll need tailored patio design solutions for your Cottleville home.

At GreenScapeSTL, we offer reliable and top-notch patio installation services in Cottleville, MO. We can easily realize what you have in mind for your outdoor living space. Our team will utilize the expertise and knowledge they gained through our years in the landscaping industry.

You might want your patios and walkways to be simple and straightforward in their design. They would be simple and functional. But, you might want something more complex in design or stylish with the materials and textures, we can also provide them for you. Our tailored patio design solutions will assure you of satisfactory results.

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    Crafting Functional and Stylish Outdoor Spaces in Cottleville

    Our main goal has always been to provide the best landscaping services to our customers. Whether it’s in St. Louis, Cottleville, or elsewhere, our mission remains the same. We want to satisfy them, and at the same time, we want to make sure that the designs will be practical.

    The patio installation service we offer is a prime example of our commitment to quality services. We ensure that our patio designs are not just stylish, but also highly functional. Patios need to be both if they would serve their purpose perfectly. It can’t just be one of the two because the quality of the outdoor living space would suffer considerably.

    By crafting functional and stylish outdoor spaces in Cottleville, we ensure that homeowners get the outdoor spaces they always wanted. Perhaps more than that, they get the outdoor spaces that they need. Their dream becomes reality, and we surpass their expectations.

    Our Services

    Our services serve as the foundation of our company. The exceptional quality of our services is what sets us apart from other local patio contractors in Cottleville, MO. With our considerable experience in the landscaping industry, our landscape architects and installers can realize any design and provide the perfect solutions every time.

    Among our major services is patio installation. We understand the vital role that patios play in outdoor living spaces. That understanding helps us design and create the ideal landscapes that look great while also providing every need of our customers. Every space we work on is enhanced and becomes suitable for various uses.

    Homes in Cottleville become much better when we add our patio designs and creations. Our other services include:


    We guarantee that our other services are as excellent as our paver patio and walkway service. If you require any of these other services, let us know so we can do them for you.

    Our Locations

    Being the leading patio builder in St. Louis, MO, we understand what it takes to fully realize the vision that you have for your home. We know how transforming your outdoor living space can level up your property in different ways.

    Beyond aesthetics, it will help raise the overall value of your home. Our team at GreenScapeSTL has been doing that for many years and counting. We intend to continue doing that for homeowners in St. Louis and beyond.

    These are the service locations that we currently serve at GreenScapeSTL:

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    About Us

    At GreenScape Landscaping and Outdoor Living, we are known for being a full design and build landscape construction firm. However, we had a humble start as a small lawn care company. Over the years, we grew and built ourselves up through hard work, dedication, excellent services, and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

    As we grew, so did our service areas. We currently serve customers from St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and Jefferson County.  Our line-up of services includes Patio installation, fence installation, segmental retaining walls, and deck installation.

    With over 100 years of combined experience between them, our landscape architects and installers can make any dream outdoor living space come true. So, if you have a patio installation project or any kind of landscape project in mind, please call us so we can help you live your dream.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    GreenScapeSTL Landscaping and Outdoor Living offers the most comprehensive landscaping services in the area and beyond. Combined with our extensive experience, we are ahead of our competitors in every way.

    Completing a patio installation project in Cottleville, MO, depends on various factors. The factors include size, complexity, materials, and weather. It can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks to complete. The most basic ones will take about 1 week, the average patios take 1 to 4 weeks, and the more complex ones take 6 weeks or more.

    Design consultation is part of our process. So, yes, we offer design consultations for patio projects in Cottleville, MO. In this part of the process, we will discuss how we can help you realize your dream through designing and planning.

    Our team works with high-quality materials that are created to withstand the worst weather conditions and need little maintenance. GreenScapeSTL's professional patio installations are built to last.

    Excellent Patio Construction Services: Reshaping Cottleville Backyards

    Reshaping a backyard into something special is not easy. There are a lot of factors to consider. One crucial component of the process is patio installation. However, it takes real expertise from a highly skilled and experienced team to pull it off. GreenScape St. Louis offers the best landscaping services, including patio construction and installation, in St. Louis, MO, and nearby areas.

    We know how patio installation can have an impact on any property. It is the reason why patio installation is one of our main services. Our excellent patio construction and installation services reshape Cottleville’s backyards.

    We plan, design, create, install, and maintain patios for our customers. In turn, they trust us to transform, not just their backyards, but their entire outdoor living spaces.